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Co-Operative Partners in Therapy is a limited liability company established in 1996 to provide Individual, Family, Couple, Adolescent and Group Counseling in a confidenital and comfortable setting. In addition we provide Psychological Testing, Court Assessments and Mediation and in-home Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments.
Our experience with Families, Trauma Survivors, and Adolescents, led to the formation that: a persons thoughts, beliefs and behaviors are the combined result of the interplay and action of: Biology + Psychology + Environment + Spirituality. Therefore, in order for healing and behavioral change to take place each of these individual elements must be assessed and brought into balance, taking into account the clients wants, needs and level of development.
Counseling is a collaborative process that encourages the acquisition of self-knowledge, cognitive restructuring & behavior change. The counselor utilizes a broad range of psychotherapeutic techniques that were developed specifically for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of emotional, relationship & behavioral problems.

The therapist acts as a participant-observer. Identifying thoughts (cognition’s), behaviors, biological, psychological, and social factors that result from or cause the discomfort the person is experiencing. These observations are then shared with the client and interventions are suggested. The therapist provides emotional support utilizing an interactive format to foster insight and personal growth .
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Depression ~Generalized Anxiety~ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ~Marriage Counseling ~Dissociative Disorder Separation Anxiety~ Phobias ~Relationship Counseling ~Body Dysmorphic Disorder~ Hypochondriasis ~Grief & Loss Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder~Stress Management~ Impulse Control Disorder~ Effective Parenting Divorce & Mediation~Relaxation Training~ Life Transition~Medication Assessment and Referral~Comprehensive in-home Geriatric Assessments
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